19th century Dublin city Ireland images.

Late 19th century Ireland images of central Dublin, Nelson's pillar, horse trams and GPO - General Post Office, black & white early 1900's photos,
O'Connell Street was formerly named Sackville Street until 1924 when it was renamed to honor Daniel O'Connell, Irish Parlimentarian & Nationalist leader.
Early 1900's image of The Gresham Hotel Dublin, Ireland, with hackney carriages & tram c1905. The hotel was destroyed by fire during the 1922 Civil War fighting, following which it was re-built & reopened in 1927.
Dublin Gresham Hotel 1905 & Sackville street
Sackville street & Gresham Hotel Dublin 1905.
Sackville Street from Aston Quay c1905
Sackville Street with horse trams, Daniel O'Connell monument & Nelson's Pillar, view from Aston Quay c1905.
19th century Ireland, Bachelors Walk Dublin c1885
19th century Dublin photograph circa 1885, Bachelors Walk Dublin city center, with view across Sackville Street & O'Connell Bridge (formerly the Carlisle Bridge) to Eden Quay. The Customs House designed by James Gandon is visible in background.
Dublin Sackville Street & Eden Quay after Easter Rising 1916
Damaged & ruined buidlings on Eden Quay & Sackville St. in the wake of Easter uprising April 1916.
Sackville Street 1905 Dublin photo
Sackville Street Dublin, Nelson's Pillar & GPO c1905.
Early 20th Century Dublin Ireland 1910 photo
Photograph of O'Connell Street Bridge c1910 taken from Bachelors walk, Carlisle Building with radio mast - visible on left across O'Connell Bridge - was destroyed by shelling during the 1916 Easter Rising.
College Green & 19th century Dublin, Ireland prints
19th century Ireland

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