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Drimnagh medieval Irish castle is located on the Long Mile Road, near Walkinstown in south Dublin city. Now surrounded by 21st Century suburbia, the original building dates from the 13th century. Drimnagh castle was constructed as a residence for the Anglo-Norman Barnewall family.
Occupied continuously up to 1954, the castle was presented by its then owners - the Hatch family, to the Christian Brothers who established a school nearby. A major restoration project was undertaken in 2000 with government assistance through the FAS training agency. Many of the medieval castle's original interior and exterior features including the 17th century gardens have since been restored.

Drimnagh Castle, Walkinstown, South Dublin Ireland
View of Drimnagh castle & restored 17th century gardens.
The interior of Drimnagh Castle featured in the John Boorman movie Excalibur & in the 2007 television series The Tudors.
Drimnagh castle interior, medieval fireplace & Jacobean windows
Drimnagh castle interior - medieval fireplace & Jacobean windows.

Drimnagh medieval castle interior
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Drimnagh castle postcard
Drimnagh Castle.

Dublin postcard.