Fusiliers Arch Stephens Green War Memorial

Fusiliers Arch located is located at the northwest of Stephens Green Dublin. The war memorial archway commemorates soldiers of the Royal Dublin Fusiliers who died during the Boer War between 1899-1902. Their names are inscribed underside of the arch. Almost 4,000 Royal Dublin Fusiliers died at Gallipoli during the V-Beach landing on April 25th 1915. Heavy losses were also sustained by 6th & 7th Dublin Fusiliers batallions at Suvla Bay landings later that year.

Fusiliers Arch war memorial photo, Stephens Green entrance
Fusiliers Arch War memorial - entrance to Stephens Green antique Dublin park.
Photo © irelandposters.

The €2.5bn Metro North project has been changed. Under original plans drawn up for North city expansion of Dublin's Luas tram service, the Arch would have been dismantled for up to 3 years. Dozens of mature trees were to be felled & removed with a quarter of Stephens Green park turned into a construction site for the duration.
Stephen's Green park was given to the people of Dublin in 1880 by Sir Arthur Edward Guinness (Lord Ardilaun.)

Fusiliers Arch War memorial, Dublin wall print
Fusiliers Arch
Dublin wall print.
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British soldiers on College Green, 19th century Dublin prints
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British soldiers on College Green, late 19th century.