Grattan Bridge Capel Street & Sunlight Chambers.

Grattan Bridge is located at the end of Capel Street & links to the Dublin Quays & Parliament Street. Originally named the Essex Bridge & built in 1676, it was rebuilt in 1755 to cope with increased traffic in the capital & widened on the plan of London's Westminster bridge. (The building expenses amounted to Stg £ 20,661). In 1874 the bridge was reopened & renamed Grattan Bridge after Irish parlimentarian Henry Grattan - (1746-1820).

Grattan Bridge, formerly Essex Bridge, James Malton 1797 print
James Malton print - Capel Street 1797. View over Essex Bridge towards Parliament Street Dublin.

Grattan Bridge & River Liffey Dublin city
Grattan Bridge image & River Liffey Dublin, Sunlight Chambers building is to the right of picture.

Sunlight Chambers building.

Dublin Sunlight Chambers building & decorative inlay Sunlight Chambers building Dublin Ireland

Photos of the decorative inlay on the Sunlight Chambers building on the corner of Parliament Street Dublin. Built in 1902, the Italianate style building was originally the headquarters for the Lever Brothers detergent company & their product Sunlight Soap. The friezes depict people in various settings washing & cleaning using Sunlight soap.

Sunlight Chambers building wall friezes
Sunlight Chambers Italianate style building & wall friezes depicting people using Sunlight soap.
Photos © Brendan Doyle & irelandposters.

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Essex Bridge, Capel Street antique Dublin print by James Malton
Capel Street
Essex Bridge, antique Dublin print by James Malton.