1960's Ireland, Dublin O'Connell Street

A nostalgic image of O'Connell Street - the main thoroughfare in Ireland's capital city Dublin c1969. Pedestrians near the G.P.O & motor traffic parked on the area vacated by Nelson's pillar, referred to locally as Nelson's patch, is in use as a Bus parking zone.
1969 Ireland image, Dublin city center traffic
Enhanced image from 1969 John Hinde postcard view of O'Connell Street & G.P.O. building.
Original photograph by R. Beer.
41 years later & in central Dublin the Milennium Spire is at the location formerly occupied by Nelson's Pillar, there are also traffic restrictions on O'Connell Street making it a more pedestrian friendly area than in the past.
O'Connell Street Dublin city center Ireland 2004
O'Connell Street, Dublin city center image.
Dublin 2004 Photograph © irelandposters.

1961 Dublin city center.
Dublin 1961 O'Connell bridge photo by Charles W. Cushman
Central Dublin & O'Connell bridge 1961 photo by Charles W. Cushman.

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