Saint Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin Ireland

Images of Saint Patrick's, Church of Ireland Cathedral in Dublin. Built on the Poddle river which flows under the building & the site of an earlier 5th century monastic settlement, it was founded in 1191 by Archbishop John Comyn & officially declared a cathedral in 1213.
Saint Patrick's Cathedral Dublin photo St. Patrick's Cathedral Dublin image
Saint Patrick's Cathedral Dublin.
During the 18th century Jonathan Swift, author of Gullivers Travels was Dean of Saint Patrick's between 1713-1745. Later that century the steeple height was extended and the spire added to the structure. (It is 200ft high).  When during the 19th century extensive renovations were undertaken between 1860-1865, a Celtic Cross marking the location of St. Patrick's Holy Well was discovered.   Guinness Brewery founder Benjamin Lee Guinness ( 1798-1868 ) contributed an estimated £130,000 towards the cathedral's restoration & provision of the adjoining park area.
Archway at St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin photograph Decorative stone carvings on Saint Patrick's Cathedral Dublin Entrance archway at Saint Patrick's Cathedral Dublin Ireland
View of decorative stone carvings at Cathedral entrance & exterior walls.

Saint Patrick's Park, Dublin image
Saint Patrick's Park.

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Saint Patrick's Cathedral, early 1900's print
Saint Patrick's Cathedral

Early 1900's wall print.