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County Carlow is the 2nd smallest county in Ireland and located in the province of Leinster. The distance from Dublin city to Carlow town is approx 70km. Carlow Town is located on the River Barrow which forms a natural boundary between counties Laois (Formerly Queens county) & Carlow. It's also one of the oldest counties in Ireland. Carlow county crest emblem

The original settlement around Carlow town dates from prehistoric times, evidenced by the 5 thousand year old megalithic site at Browneshill Dolmen, built circa 3300BC, with the largest capstone in Europe & weighing 100 tons ( 101604.691 Kilograms ).

Brownshill Dolmen, Carlow photo
Image by Howard Walsh from Pixabay

Carlow Castle.
Located on the bank of the Barrow River, this early 13th century Norman castle was a fortified structure with walls 7 feet thick. It was built by William de Marshall who was the Lord of Leinster between 1207 and 1213. The castle withstood many assaults over the centuries during Ireland's turbulent past until 1814. An attempt by the castle's then occupier, a Dr Midlleton, to demolish interior walls using gunpowder destroyed most of the building except the wall and towers we see standing today.
As described in The Dublin Penny Journal - a weekly newspaper based on Bachelor's Walk Dublin which also published a series of volumes, between 1832 & 1836. " In 1814 Dr Middleton undermined the foundations. It fell with a dradful crash that alarmed those towns-people who were unaware of the coming event..fortunately it happened on a Sunday morning while the people were engaged about their religious duties..otherwise it might possily have been the destruction of many". (Dublin Penny Journal Vol 3.)
Carlow Castle photo 2022
Carlow Castle and St. Mary's Church spire pictured in 2022.
Carlow Town Hall photo 2024
Old Carlow Town Hall building in Centaur Street, Carlow town. Located on the site of an old brewery & later a workhouse during the Famine years, it opened in March 1886. The building formerly hosted Carlow Town Council where regular Council meetings were held until 2014, it is now a community events venue.

Carlow Cathedral photo, Saint Mary's Church images.

Cathedral of The Assumption, Carlow Town
Cathedral Of The Assumption, dedicated in 1833 & situated on College Street. 2022 Carlow Town photo.
Side view | Cathedral of The Assumption, Carlow Town photograph
Side entrance to Cathedral Of The Assumption situated in Carlow Town, 2022 photograph. View Cathedral webcam.

Saint Mary's Church of Ireland, built in 1727.
Saint Mary's Church of Ireland, Carlow, Ireland
Carlow Town & Kennedy Avenue. 
Kennedy Avenue in Carlow Town, Ireland 2023 photo

Cherry blossom tree on Kennedy Avenue Carlow Town centre, with farmers market & Liberty Tree sculpture.  2022/2023 Carlow town photos by Al Geraty.

Carlow Pubs.

The Thatch Bar - Irish public house in Graiguecullen, Carlow
Photo of the popular Thatch Bar, located in Graiguecullen, Carlow.
Irish pub photo, Reddys Bar on Tullow Street Carlow
Reddys family run pub on Tullow Street, Carlow. 2022 photo.
The Barrow river rises in the Slieve Bloom Mountains in County Laois then flows through the counties of Kildare, Carlow, Kilkenny & Waterford before reaching the sea at Wexford. It stretches for 192 Kilometres and is Ireland's second longest river.
Swans on River Barrow, Carlow photo 2022
Swans on Barrow River near Carlow Town, 2022 photo.

Vintage Carlow Images

Old Irish photo c1962, Swans on River Barrow & Black castle ruins in background, Leighlinbridge Co. Carlow

A pair of swans pictured on the river Barrow in Leighlinbridge, County Carlow c1962. Ruins of Black Castle in the background.  Original photograph by Brendan Doyle. ©

Old Carlow town 1960's postcard, Dublin street.
A colourised 1960's postcard view of Dublin Street, Carlow.
Old photograph of Castle Street Carlow in 1910
Castle Street Carlow, with cyclist & vintage cars. Digitally restored image c1910 from original by Robert French.

A colourised view of late 1950's Tullow Street, Carlow.
Tullow street in Carlow town, 1950s image from Valentine Collection
Tullow Street with old P&T ( Posts & Telegraphs) telephone kiosk. 1950's Carlow image from The Valentine Collection.
Old Carlow town, Dublin Street photo by Robert French c1910
Antique view of Dublin Street in Carlow town c1910, photo by Robert French.
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Carlow Castle ruins, Carlow town, Ireland
Carlow Castle
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