Daniel O'Connell Dublin monument images

Dublin city Ireland images of Daniel O'Connell monument the Irish parlimentarian (1775-1847). It's located at the top of O'Connell Street, formerly Sackville Street in Dublin city center. The street was renamed in 1924 in honour of Daniel O'Connell. The angels at the monument base represent the four provinces of Ireland - Ulster, Munster, Leinster & Connaught. Daniel O'Connell was known as The Liberator for his successful campaign to have anti-Catholic legislation repealed by the British Government.

Daniel O'Connell monument & Dublin Spire
Daniel O'Connell monument & Dublin Spire.
Dublin photograph © irelandposters.com
Angel statues at the base of the Daniel O'Connell monument representing patriotism, courage, eloquence and fidelity.
Photographs by Brendan Doyle © irelandposters.

Angel at base of Daniel O'Connell monument in Dublin Ireland
O'Connell Monument angel statue.

Angel statue at base of Daniel O'Connell Monument, Dublin picture
Angel with Irish wolfhound & figures at base of O'Connell monument.
Daniel O'Connell monument & Angel at base, Dublin city picture
O'Connell Monument angel statue.
Street scene at O'Connell Monument Dublin 1900
Vintage street scene at O'Connell monument, Dublin 1900 image. Colourised courtesy Palette.fm.
O'Connell Monument & Nelson's Pillar, antique Dublin postcard
Sackville Street,

Dublin postcard.
An early 1900's image of O'Connell Monument & Nelson's Pillar on O'Connell Street.
View correspondence of Daniel O'Connell - the Liberator, published in 1888 by J. Murray of London, at archive.org.

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Daniel O'Connell Monument image & amp; Dublin Spire postcard
Daniel O'Connell Monument postcard.
Central Dublin image with Millennium Spire & street scene.