Dublin Castle photos

Dublin castle stands on the site of original city fortifications from the Viking occupation of Ireland between 930-1014 AD.  In 1214 King John of England built the castle fortifications & the upper yard from that period is still largely intact. Many of the medieval buildings in Dublin city were destroyed during the great fire of April 1684. During the conflagration buildings and adjoining walls were blown up to prevent fire from reaching the State records & gunpowder towers.
View of Dublin castle Circular Garden
Dublin Castle tower & circular garden photo.

Dublin Castle was once the seat of British colonial administration in Ireland & repository of the Irish Crown Jewels until their theft under suspicious circumstances in 1907.
It was formally handed over to the new Irish Republic's administration in December 1921 with the signing of the Anglo-Irish treaty of that year ending British rule of Ireland.

Historic Dublin castle tower & St. Patricks Hall photo
View of castle tower & wall, with St. Patrick's Hall.
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