Ireland 1960's Dublin, O'Connell Street images

A nostalgic image of O'Connell Street - the main thoroughfare in Ireland's capital city Dublin c1969. Pedestrians near the G.P.O & motor traffic parked on the area vacated by Nelson's pillar, referred to locally as Nelson's patch, is in use as a Bus parking zone.
1969 Ireland image, Dublin city center traffic
Enhanced image from 1969 John Hinde postcard view of O'Connell Street & G.P.O. building.
Original photograph by R. Beer.
41 years later & in central Dublin the Milennium Spire is at the location formerly occupied by Nelson's Pillar.

O'Connell Street, Dublin city center images. 1961 Dublin city center.
Dublin 1961 O'Connell bridge photo by Charles W. Cushman
Central Dublin & O'Connell bridge 1961 photo by Charles W. Cushman.
Dublin in the Rare Old Times.
Images of O'Connell Street & central Dublin from summer 1997 > 2021.
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