Irish Famine tall ship Jeanie Johnston

Irish famine tall ship Jeanie Johnston pictured on the River Liffey, Dublin Port January 2004.
The replica 19th century tall ship which was created as a sail training vessel also has a museum onboard. It recounts the tragic history of the Irish famine during 19th century which decimated the population following potato crops failure in 1845/1846. The original Jeanie Johnston made its maiden voyage on 24 April 1848 to Quebec in Canada with 193 famine emigrants.
Jeanie Johnston 19th century tall ship on River Liffey Dublin
Jeanie Johnston 19th century tall ship on River Liffey Dublin.

During the Irish famine years the Jeanie Johnston saved over 2,500 people from starvation at home, bringing them safely across the Atlantic between 1848-1855. The ship also has the distinction of being the only famine ship to have never lost the lives of any passengers while at sea.

Jeanie Johnston Irish famine ship, Dublin port Ireland
Jeanie Johnson tall ship moored at Dublin Docklands 2004.
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Jeanie Johnson Irish Famine tall ship poster
Irish famine ship

Jeanie Johnston
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