Mansion House, Dawson street Dublin city

The Mansion House is located in Dawson Street & was built in 1710 as a town house residence for local property developer Joshua Dawson. In April 1715 it was bought by the City Council for use as the official residence of Dublin's Lord Mayor. It was sold for £ 3,500 (Just under €4.500 Euro), with an annual ground rent of forty shillings & a loaf of double refined sugar at Christmas.

Following the end of World War One, in 1918 the Home Rule bill championed by Charles Parnell & others was implemented by the British Government. In the Irish general elections of that year the Sinn Féin party founded by Arthur Griffith won 73 of the 105 Irish seats at Westminister.

The first Dáil - Irish Parliament- met in the Round Room of the Mansion House in January 1919 to ratify the 1916 proclamation of the Republic, a motion declaring Independence from Britain was passed by the Dáil members present. The Mansion House today is the residence of the citys First Citizen, the Lord Mayor. The Round Room, which is open to the public, has a restaraunt and is a venue for political meetings & community events.

Mansion House photograph, Dawson Street Dublin Ireland
Image of Dublin city's Mansion House, Dawson street.
Dublin Photograph © Irelandposters.
Dublin City civic crest on Dawson Street lamp post
The Dublin city crest & coat of arms, on the base of a street lamp adjoining the Mansion House building in Dawson Street.
The civic crest depicts 3 castles with towers, the fire from the towers represents the fiery spirit of the inhabitants in defending the city against attackers. The Latin inscription which dates from the early 17th century - Obedientia Civium Urbis Felicitas! - translates as; Happy is the City where Citizens Obey!
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Irish castles
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