Olympia Theatre, Dame Street Dublin photograph

Located on Dame Street in Dublin city, the Olympia Theatre is one of the last remaining Victorian-era music hall theater buildings in Ireland. The building dates from 1897 when it was called The Empire Theatre of Varieties.  It replaced an earlier music hall - The Star of Erin - founded by Dan Lowry in 1879. The 19th century Victorian canopy which had been restored during the 1980's was demolished in November 2004 after an articulated truck accidentally reversed into it. In 2007 the canopy was restored following renovation work in Scotland.
Olympia Theatre Dublin & 19th Century plate glass canopy photograph
Dublin Olympia Theatre 19th century cast-iron & plate glass canopy.
Detail of the Victorian canopy at the Olympia Theatre, Dublin.
Victoria canopy at Olympia Theatre, Dublin
Canopy photograph by Brendan O'Donohue.
Olympia Theatre photograph, Dame Street Dublin Ireland 2004
Dame Street Dublin & Olympia Theatre.
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