Charles Parnell monument & Dublin statue photos

Photos of the memorial obelisk & statue of Charles Stewart Parnell (1846-91), the Irish Nationalist politician, born 27 June 1846 in Avondale House, County Wicklow. He advocated for land reform and founded the Irish National Land League in 1879. Parnell was leader of the Home Rule League which later reformed as the Irish Parliamentary Party & campaigned for Land Rights and Home Rule for Ireland.
The Parnell Monument is located at the junction of O'Connell Street & Parnell Street in Dublin city center.
Charles Parnell monument & statue Dublin city
The monument panel inscription is a quotation from Parnell;
"No man shall have the right to fix the boundary to the march of a Nation".
Parnell monument & inscription on base
View of Parnell monument & Ambassador theatre, formerly the Rotunda Rooms.
Parnell monument & Ambassador theatre, Dublin city
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