Dublin Castle & Saint Patrick's Hall

Image of Saint Patrick's Hall at Dublin Castle, located near central Dublin on the city's south-side. Formerly known as the Great Hall & Ballroom until 1764, when an explosion in the castle armory damaged it & South West Tower. A Royal Warrant was issued by King George 2nd for rebuilding & refurbishment of other castle areas which had fallen into disrepair.
In 1783 his successor King George 3rd attended the Castle & set up the Illustrious Order of St. Patrick, based on the English Order of the Garter. Subsequent ceremonies & meetings of the Order were held in the Hall.
Dublin Castle tower & St. Patrick's Hall
Saint Patrick's Hall & Dublin Castle turret.

The Irish Crown Jewels were the insignia of the Knights of the Order of Saint Patrick. Their theft was discovered on July 6 th 1907, just days before King Edward VII visited the city. They had been stolen from a safe in the Bedford Tower building. The Jewels have never been recovered & the full account of their disappearance from within the Castle remains a mystery to this day.

In November 2003 a television documentary program, The Strange Case of the Irish Crown Jewels was aired on RTE Irish television. In addition to providing some clues as to the likely suspect(s), it suggested that King Edward VII ended the inquiries into the Crown Jewels theft after being informed of links between the prime suspect, a homosexual circle based at the castle, and the Duke of Argyll - the King's brother-in-law.

Dublin Castle Ireland
Saint Patrick's Hall & Castle turret tower.

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