Dublin City Hall, Cork Hill castle gate images

A view of the approach to Dublin Castle's Cork Hill Gate built in 1751, with the State Apartments & Bedford Clock tower in the background. An unarmed policeman was the first victim of the 1916 rising while on duty at the Cork Hill gate.
The pillars of the Royal Exchange Building, built between 1769 and 1779 visible on the left, the building is today in use as Dublin's Civic City Hall. The building was constructed at a cost of £58,000 and renamed City Hall on 30th September 1852.
Cork Hill Gate, Dublin Castle Ireland
Cork Hill Gate at Dublin castle.
Dublin Castle Ireland, Bedford clock tower image
Bedford Tower, Dublin Castle Ireland.
The building housed the Irish Crown Jewels until their theft in 1907 under suspicious circumstances.
1922 Irish civil war soldiers in motorised transports assemble at Cork Hill Gate, Dublin Castle
1922 Irish civil war, soldiers in motorised transports assemble at Cork Hill Gate, Dublin Castle. Colorised image from British Pathé newsreel.
City Hall view down Parliament Street Dublin towards Capel Street bridge
View from Dublin City Hall Building - Parliament Street towards Henry Grattan Bridge formerly Essex Bridge.
Dublin city hall building image
Dublin City Hall - formerly the Royal Exchange building, built between 1769 & 1779.
During the Irish Civil War it had been seized by the British army in December 1920 & was used to host court martials. Read more on the Last Days of the old regime at Dublin castle - RTE Article

Dublin Royal Exchange building in 1795, engraving by James Malton
The Royal Exchange building - engraving by James Malton 1795.
Dublin city photographs © Irelandposters.com.
Parliament Street & City Hall December 2023 photo
December 2023 view of Parliament Street view & Dublin City Hall.
Photograph by Infomatique (William Murphy) December photo diary.
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Bedford clock tower, Dublin Castle Ireland postcard
Bedford Tower
Bedford clock tower,
Dublin castle postcard.