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Powerscourt Town house on South William Street in central Dublin dates from 1774 & was built as an office & town house for Lord Powerscourt, Richard Wingfield 3rd Viscount (1730-1788), of the Powerscourt Estate in County Wicklow.   A gateway to the right of the building provided an entrance to the stables & on the left for kitchen & other offices, the architect was Robert Mack.

In 1799 James Malton described it as being unhappily situated.."being shut up in a confined, but genteel street, called William Street, and it's importance is much lessened by mean Dwellings there, through which is entrance to a market, called Cattle Market, lately removed there." In 1981, the interior was refurbished & it's now the fashionable Powerscourt Townhouse shopping centre.

Powerscourt town house & shopping centre, Dublin city Image of South William Street & Powerscourt Centre Dublin
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View of Powerscourt Town House, located in South William Street near Grafton Street in central Dublin.

Dublin 2006 & Print by James Malton 1795
Powerscourt Centre Dublin 2006 photograph & South William Street 1795 print by James Malton.
Mouse over image displays 1795 James Malton Print.
The second house to the left was for the Officers of Police for the St. Stephens Green, quarterly division of the City (James Malton, 1795.)
Dublin mid-1960's photo with Powerscourt Town House.
Dublin 1960's photo with Powerscourt Town House

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