Ireland movie Chrono-perambulator, location set photos

During the summer of 1997, a local farmers field in Moate County Meath was transformed into a turn of the 20th century excavation site, complete with ancient monolith artifact discovered there. Filmed in Ireland the short film comedy Chrono-perambulator was written & directed by Damien O'Donnell. Although its duration is just 11 minutes, the movie features a high calibre cast with Charles Dance, Scottish actor Bill Paterson, Mal Whyte & a host of local Irish actors including Guy Carleton, Eamonn Hunt & the late Jer O'Leary.
Chrono-perambulator Ireland movie set location photo
Chrono-perambulator Ireland movie set, Moate, County Meath 1997.
View of the ancient stone monument central to the Chrono Perambulator story, encircled with archaeological trenches & excavations.
The Chrono-perambulator movie storyline revolves around an eccentric Professor Teddy Knox played by Bill Paterson, and his attempts to travel back in time to discover the origin of artifacts found at a neolithic excavation site. Charles Dance plays the character of James "Dougie" Douglas - a Sherlock Holmes type who attempts to pour reason on some of Professor Knox's wilder outbursts. The vintage truck - below right, was used to transport the Time Machine from the professor's workshop to the excavation location.
Chrono-perambulator Ireland movie location 1997 & Scottish actor Bill Paterson
The Snappers - ahead of a scene on the Chrono-perambulator movie set, actor Bill Paterson discusses the scene with director Damien O'Donnell. Actor Mal Whythe in character bowler hat on the right.
Irish movie Chrono-perambulator & Time Machine on vintage lorry
 Covered Chrono-perambulator time machine on vintage lorry.
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Watch the Irish short film comedy - Chrono Perambulator.

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