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The 2002 movie Evelyn starring Irish actor Pierce Brosnan was filmed mainly on location in Ireland. These images show preparations for filming a scene at Kings Inns building - formerly The Law Courts, in Broadstone Dublin. Designed by James Gandon to provide a residence & study for barristers, the building's construction commenced in 1795 & was taken over and completed by Henry Baker in 1816. The old Broadstone railway station is located nearby, just across the main road. The Kings Inns building provides the Evelyn movie setting for the Irish Supreme Court scenes.

Evelyn movie location photo, boom lighting unit at Kings Inns, Dublin 2002
Film crew preparations for Evelyn movie Supreme court scene at Kings Inns building, Dublin 2002. Boom lighting unit, vintage cars & Movietone News outside broadcast unit truck.
The Evelyn movie [2002], is based on true events & set in 1950's Ireland.
It charts the struggle of Desmond Doyle - played by Pierce Brosnan - to regain custody of his daughter Evelyn & 2 young sons. They were assigned by the courts to separate orphanages, after his wife left him for another man. Doyle was deemed an unfit parent, due to unemployment & fondness for the few jars (of Guinness).

Recruiting the services of a pro-bono legal team he began a legal challenge to the law which deprived him of his children. The resuting judgement delivered by Ireland's Supreme court in 1953 was a legal landmark. It changed the lives of many single parents in Ireland whose children had been forcibly placed in orphanages & institutions by the State.

Evelyn 2002 movie location, film extras & old Ford car at Kings Inns Dublin
Film extras with old Ford car & radio outside broadcast unit at Evelyn movie location.
Vintage Armstrong Siddleley Whittley car on Evelyn movie set in 2002
Vintage Armstrong Siddleley Whittley car at Kings Inns during Evelyn movie filming in 2002.
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