Kilkenny City Ireland images

Kilkenny City is in the South-East region of Ireland in the province of Leinster. The distance from Dublin city is 124Km.  Kilkenny - known as the Medieval City, is located on the banks of the Nore River. There are many historical buildings in the city and county, including round towers and castles. The population of Kilkenny city & county In 2022 was 104,160.

Kilkenny city photographed from the railway station. Saint Canice's Cathedral & Round Tower in distance.
Kilkenny city view drom Railway Station, Round Tower at St. Canices Cathedral in distance
2023 Kilkenny photo by Al Geraty.
Kilkenny Ireland, Saint Canice's Cathedral & Round Tower
St. Canice's Cathedral, Kilkenny. The Cathedral was built on the site of a 6th-century church founded by Saint Canice. The round tower beside the Cathedral dates from the 9th century.

Saint John's Church Kilkenny, 2023 photo
Saint John's Church Kilkenny.
Kilford Arms public house in Kilkenny City Ireland
The Kilford Arms public house.
Saint Mary's Cathedral, Kilkenny city photo
Saint Mary's Cathedral, Kilkenny photo.

Kilkenny Castle photo

Located on the River Nore, Kilkenny castle was originally built in the early years of the 13th century for William Marshal, 4th Earl of Pembroke.
The medieval castle was sold in 1391 to the 3rd Earl of Ormonde, James Butler & it remained in the Butler family for several generations.
During the 18th centry the building became run-down & in 1922 sustained further damage during the Irish civil war.
In 1967 the 24th Earl of Ormonde - Arthur Butler, sold the abandoned castle to the local restoration committee for fifty pounds, the restored castle & extensive grounds are now managed by the OPW - Irish Office of Public Works.
Kilkenny castle Ireland & surrounding grounds
Kilkenny castle, Ireland 1960's aerial photograph by Brendan Doyle, © Irelandposters.

Early 20th century view of Kilkenny castle c1905
Early 20th century view of Kilkenny Castle grounds & River Nore c1905.

Kilkenny Castle & River Nore photographed in 2018
Kilkenny Castle photographed in August 2018. Photo by William Murphy Infomatique.

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