Ireland antique maps, vintage Irish map posters

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Ireland physical map poster.
1880 Ireland map poster
Ireland Map
1880. Wall poster.
Vintage 32 counties Irish map
Counties of Ireland 1827 antique print
Ireland Counties
1827 map.
Antique Ireland map poster.
Ireland map poster 1799
Ireland Map
Ireland Provinces & counties map in 1799.
John Tallis Irish map poster 1851.
Illustrated antique Irish map print 1851
Ireland map
Illustrated Irish map created by John Tallis in 1851, from History of Ireland by Thomas Wright.
City of Dublin 1797.
Antique Dublin John Speed 1797 map print
Dublin Map
City of Dublin map by John Speed 1797, engraved by Jodocus Hondius.
Map of the British Isles 1631
British isles
1631 Blaeu.
Europe 1721 map print
Wall poster.
Antique world pictorial map 1565 Ferando Berteli wall poster
Ferando Berteli
Ancient world pictorial map by Ferando Berteli 1565. Includes sea creatures & mythical Isle of Hy Brasil in Atlantic ocean, off the Irish coast. Large wall poster. Digitally restored from LOC original.
Antique Britannia 17th century map poster

Antique 17th century Great Britain - Britannia map poster.
Colton Mercator Projection 1855 world map wall poster
Mercator Projection
Antique world map - Colton Mercator Projection 1855, wall poster
Mercator map of the North Pole 1606
North Pole
Mercator first map of the North Pole 1606.
Antique world map poster, J van Loon c1666

Old World Map
Vintage print by J van Loon [c1666]. World 1630 map poster
Old World
Wall print.
Old World Map with heavenly bodies - antique poster
Old World Map.

Heavenly bodies antique print.
17th century celestial map poster
Celestial map
17th Century.
Antique celestial map, 17th century.
Carta Marina, Ancient sea creatures of the world, wall poster
Carta Marina.
Antique wall chart depicting ancient sea creatures of the World, Carta Marina print.
Antique 1597 map of the Americas
Americas map
Vintage illustrated world map 1597 featuring the Americas. Includes South & Central America, Pacific & Atlantic Oceans. In the four corners are explorers reading maps and helping ships navigate the world. Artist: Theodor de Bry.
Antique 1595 Arctic continent, North Pole map poster
North Pole
Antique map featuring a view from the North Pole including the Arctic Circle, ocean & surrounding continents. By cartographer Gerardus Mercator, 1595.
Global ocean currents wall chart, world languages & map posters.

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United Kingdom counties, provinces of Ireland wall poster
U.K. Counties map
United Kingdom counties & Ireland provinces wall map poster.