Old Galway Ireland photos, vintage Irish country images

Black & white old Ireland photos, Irish country & city street scenes from bygone years.
Old rural Ireland thatch cottages, Inisheer Aran island Co. Galway
Old Ireland countryside photograph, stone thatch cottages on Inisheer Aran island, Connemara, Co. Galway, early 1960's.
Old rural Irish image, farmer & horse plough
Old rural Ireland image, Irish farmer & horse plough, County Mayo 1961. Photo by Brendan Doyle.
Woman wearing Galway shawl & O'Briens Castle, Ireland photo c1958
Old woman wearing a Galway shawl on strand near seashore, O'Briens castle in background, Inisheer Aran island c1958. Vintage Ireland photo by Brendan Doyle.
https://irelandposters.com/oldphotos/1954 Kilronan harbor, Old Ireland photo
Old Ireland scene at Kilronan pier c1954, Inis Mór Aran Island, elderly woman wearing a Galway shawl converses with a younger woman & man tending horses.
Above old Ireland photos by Brendan Doyle & © irelandposters.
Vintage Galway City Images.
Vintage Galway Eyre Square image - 1957 Glamour of Galway film still
1957 Eyre Square with vintage cars, from Glamour of Galway film at Irish Film Institute.
The short movie documentary highlights Galway city's historic buildings, picturesque thatched cottages & famous Galway Races.
Old Ireland photo of Salthill Galway promenade & Seapoint Ballroom early 1960's

Old Galway photo of Salthill, the West of Ireland seaside resort, early 1960's. Picture location is the end of Salthill promenade towards Galway city, with parked cars, amusement arcades & Seapoint Ballroom to the right.
Old Galway photo of Eyre Square, early 1900's
Early 1900's Eyre Square Galway city.
High Street Galway Ireland, late 1890's photo
Drover & cart on High Street Galway city. Woman wearing a shawl walking on left, late 1890's photo.
Cobh County Cork & St. Colman's Cathedral 1905.
Digitally restored from original photograph by W. Lawrence.
Queenstown - Cobh Co. Cork with St. Colman's Cathedral in background
Cobh County Cork (formerly known as Queenstown until 1920), photographed from the harbor pier. Antique street scene with St. Colman's Cathedral in background. The Cathedral is located on a hilltop overlooking the town. The ill fated Titanic liner departed from Cobh harbor, after 123 additional passengers boarded there on April 11, 1912. Cobh was also the port where many of the forced emigrants departed Irish shores in hope of a new life in America during the famine years 1848 > 1850.

Video featuring vintage Co. Mayo rural Irish farmhouse & farmer collecting turf.

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Old Galway thatch cottage,
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