College Green Dublin 1930's picture

A nostalgic Dublin street scene with electric trams on Dame Street in 1930's & motor traffic at Bank of Ireland College Green. The building was built between 1729 & 1739 to house the first Irish Parliament - Henry Grattan's Parliament, currently in use as a branch of the Bank of Ireland.
College Green & Dame Street, Dublin 1930's picture
College Green Dublin 1930's picture, with electric trams on Dame street.
Grattan's Parliament building Dublin 1793, James Malton print
Henry Grattan's parliament building which housed Ireland's Parliament until the Act Of Union in 1801, antique Dublin print by James Malton 1793.
College Green Dublin photograph & Bank of Ireland building
  View of College Green 2004 & Bank of Ireland building.
Early 1900's Dublin Ireland, colorised image of Dame Street with horse drawn tram & Trinity College in background
A colorised image of early 1900's Dame Street, Dublin. Strollers in period dress on pavements, horse drawn tram & front entrance to Trinity College in the distant background.
College Green Dublin Ireland, Early 1900's print
College Green
Early 1900's College Green Dublin print. British soldiers from Dublin Castle in foreground.
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Henry Grattan statue & College Green, antique Dublin print
Henry Grattan statue
Henry Grattan's Parliament building.
Early 1900's College Green Dublin print.