Nelson's Pillar Dublin images, 1966 Column explosion

Nelson's Pillar Dublin
The March 8th 1966 Dublin explosion which brought Nelson's column crashing to the ground was carried out under cover of darkness by a rogue Republican activist with demolitions expertise. Timed explosive devices were planted within Nelson's pillar and the 13ft high statue of Horatio Nelson which gazed over Dublin's main thoroughfare O'Connell Street since 1808, was blown clear of the column. Other than the damage to the pillar & Lord Nelson, no injuries were reported. During the subsequent clean-up operations the Irish Army dynamited the remaining column to demolish it. The area formerly occupied by Nelson's Pillar was subsequently a parking area for CIE Dublin buses & colloquially known as Nelsons patch.
Nelson's column under construction 1808 Dublin print by G. N. Wright
View of Nelson's column with scaffolding while pillar being contructed in 1808. The column was built to commemorate Nelson's 1805 victory at the Battle of Trafalgar.  Antique print by G.N Wright.

Buses parked beside Nelson's pillar Dublin in the 1960's
Bus terminus at Nelson's pillar, early 1960's Dublin city.
Nelson's Pillar base after 8th March Dublin explosion
Dublin Corporation workmen removing debris at base of Nelson's Pillar after a dynamite explosion dislodged the statue from its central position on O'Connell Street Dublin, in the early hours of March 8th 1966.
8mm movie clip of O'Connell Street & Nelson's Pillar debris after Dublin 1966 bomb blast.
Base of Nelson's column in 1900 with flowersellers, colourised old Dublin photo

Colourised old Dublin photo with flowersellers at base of Nelsons column in 1900, electric tram in background. Tylers shoes shop on the corner with twin veranda street covers. During excavations in preparation for the construction of the Millennium Spire - which was constructed on the old Pillar site, a sealed time-capsule box was discovered at the Pillar's foundation stone.
Archaeological research had suggested that the foundation stone was associated with a time capsule prepared in 1808 containing coins and newspapers. Unfortunately upon opening the capsule at the National Museum's conservation laboratories it was found to be empty, except for a list of the contents that should have been contained within.
Nelson's Pillar - old photo taken in 1931 with view of O'Connell Street towards south Dublin
O'Connell Street view from Nelson's Pillar in 1931, looking towards Dublin south city.
Antique Dublin Postcard.
O'Connell Bridge, Sackville Street antique Dublin postcard
O'Connell Bridge & 1895 Sackville Street view, street scene with electric tram & Nelson's Pillar in background. Vintage Dublin postcard.
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